Here at Investment Precious Metals we are investors, dealers, and educators who care deeply about the future of monetary systems in which have been overleveraged for decades. We realize that it has been nearly 50 years since world central banks have abandoned the gold standard and have created inconsistencies in the market place through fiat currency printing. Since 1971 when former U.S. president Richard Nixon took the country off of the gold standard, ALL major world currencies then were also unpegged from gold - being that previously in 1944 the Bretton Woods agreement connected them all to the U.S. dollar in which at that time the USD became the world’s reserve currency.

We are helping educate the public to the facts of the current situation where major central banks around the world are once again accumulating gold and silver planning to create new currencies and pegging stronger currencies to gold such as the yuan. The majority of people do not understand what is happening and will most likely pay a huge price through inflation and market volatility, especially those in the United States where it’s history is relatively short and its citizens have enjoyed the benefits of using the world’s reserve currency most if not all of their lives. This old system of economic irresponsibility by banks having the ability of printing unlimited amount of fiat currency is changing and economies of the world will have both hardships and great opportunities ahead of themselves.

Individuals who are passionate about helping others understand history and how to best prepare for the future in money now have the opportunity to take a seat at this new system of precious metals trading and banking. Financial institutions who aren’t preparing for these new changes will only be undercards for the investment bankers who have been preparing for the monetary reset. If you are interested in plugging into new systems of precious metals accumulation and helping others to do the same in order to build stronger financial communities please inquire below.

The world is witnessing the inexorable remonetization of gold.
- Jim Rickards

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